Other Places Near Vitthal Temple, Pandharpur, Solapur, Maharashtra

Chandrabhaga Temple
Skhanda puran portrays this account of master shiva's battle with Tripurasur. When Tripurasur was causing devastation in each of the three universes. Master shiva battled valiantly and murdered Tripurasur. While murdering him Lord shiva sweated vigorously. His sweat appeared as a stream and crossed the earth planet causing surge. At the point when this surge came to pandharpur the occupants ended up plainly dreadful and petitioned Bhairav who is the watchman of this holly put. Ruler wound up plainly irate on waterway and was going to devastate it. The stream thus implored Lord Vitthal for insurance. Master Vitthal guaranteed her security and enabled her to move through pandharpur, yet withot making any commotion. This waterway is non another than stream Bhima and on the grounds that she half circumambulates pandharpur like half moon, consequently here she is otherwise called chandrabhaga.

Gopalpur Temple
Gopal pur lies 2.5 km soth of pandharpur. Gopalpur sanctuary is on a slope which is likewise called as Gopalpur slope and is non unique in relation to Govardhan slope. When ruler Krishna with his dairy animals came to visit Pandharpur. This past time is commomerated even today at a sanctuary called Vishnupad in Gopalpur, where Lord Krishna's impressions are implanted on a stone piece alongside the foot prints of bovine and the prints of Krishna's foot. Nearby lovers say that this place is Lord Krishna's endless place of lunch interest. Indeed, even today this interest happens. Narada muni's little sanctuary exhibits his ordinary's visit to witness this. At gopalpur River Pushpavati meets Bhima. This Pushpavati stream is nondifferent from Yamuna. On the primary day of the long stretch of Margashirsha, Lord Vitthala's shoes are taken to this vishnupad sanctuary. On the most recent day of that month, Lord Vitthala's chariot is conveyed to the sanctuary in an excellent parade.

Lakhubai Temple
This sanctuary is rukmini's sanctuary. This is where she performed tapasya being despondent with Lord Krishna at Dwarka. This place is otherwise called dindirvan.

Master Ram Temple
This sanctuary is worked to help to remember Lord Rama's visit to Pandharpur in his outcast while he was looking for mother Sita.

Mallikarjun Temple
This side interest is even before Lord vitthal came here. Once an incredible evil spirit of the name dindirav subsequent to getting favors of numerous divine beings began disturbing all bearings. Every one of the divine beings argued to Lord Vishnu for offer assistance. Ruler Vishnu showed up as Mallikarjun, the child of lord shri Chandra. Shri Chandra performed tapasya to master shiva needing to have a child like Lord Vishnu. In reply to his supplications Lord Vishnu came as kid Mallikarjun. at 20,lord years old resulted in these present circumstances timberland for chasing and was tested by evil presence Dindirav. The battle went on for a long time. Ruler at that point took a mace of iron pole (loha danda) and hit evil presence on head. while biting the dust evil presence droned accidentally "Hari". Being satisfied with him ruler approached him to request an invocation. Dindirava evil presence asked "since I was murdered by an iron pole (Loha danda),let this place be called as LOHADANDA TIRTHA and this woodland gets my name as DINDIRAVAN.

Taak Pithe Vithoba Temple
This sanctuary is near west entryway of the principle vitthal sanctuary. Long back one old dedicated woman of the name Ramabai used to remain here. She had come here from Paithan on the request of Lord himself. She would ordinary serve Lord in the principle sanctuary and just eat nourishment which is offered to Lord. On the request of Lord regular she would bring an uncommon sustenance thing "TAAK PITH"- Butter porridge and the Lord would savor it . As years passed by Ramabai ended up plainly old and couldn't come to sanctuary. So master himself alongside Rukmini devi went and remained in her home. There master like a youngster would request and relish her TAKH PITH. At the point when Ramabai's wellbeing enhanced and she could go once more, the ruler chose to return. As of now she asked for the Lord to stay for all time in her home. Concurring with her Lord chose to extend and remain here likewise . indeed, even today amid Ashadi Ekadashi when travelers can't take darshan of the primary god they come here knowing admirably the non distinction.

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